Photography can cost a great deal to procure, to do it right is time consuming and requires  more than a few professionals on the day of the shoot, so discovering a little flaw on a vital shot you thought was immaculate can be devastating and costly to redo. Retouching is not about redoing everything or making everything look fake and plastic, but achieving the best quality image for your product, brand or model, without people even knowing your image was enhanced, we make sure your pictures are done precisely the way you need them.


What makes our staff and service different? Unlike other people that just learn how to use Photoshop as a tool, our staff has been classically trained for three years or more in painting, drawing and illustration, this coupled with our years of experience,  makes Vanilla Rain  a  formidable force within the retouching field. Simply we get done what other companies can only dream about doing because they lack of our  skill sets.


Having a long standing and diverse experience in Photoshop manipulations, illustration and product retouching. Vanilla Rain is perfect for professional photographers, companies, and magazines.


If you need bulk work we can offer assistance. Our experienced Photoshop retouching experts have the capacity to handle your requirements.


© 2007-2019 All images copyright of the Vanilla Rain Creative, any logos or brands and original material remains the property of their respective authors. All rights reserved. More image examples available on request.


© 2007-2019 All images copyright of the Vanilla Rain Creative, any logos or brands and original material remains the property of their respective authors. All rights reserved. More image examples available on request.


© 2007-2019 All images copyright of the Vanilla Rain Creative, any logos or brands and original material remains the property of their respective authors. All rights reserved. More image examples available on request.



Professional beauty retouching and skin smoothing is an integral part of superior photo production. Portfolio, fashion, ad or beauty prints need not only talented shooting and special equipment for success. High end retouch and design may charm viewers.


This section completely deals with beauty retouching and our services of professional skin smoothing, glamour retouching, and pre-press of studio-made images.


How do we provide great blurless skin, a perfect body, and the impressive appearance of a model? They thoroughly put into practice all experience earned in the fashion and beauty retouching industry. We make all kinds of manipulations, creative post-productions, and handmade skin retouches of full-length and head-shots.


Vanilla Rain not only makes impressive photos, it also has a great individual client service. Both agencies and individuals have a personal retoucher and art director via the Vanilla Rain web interface. This signifies a good personal contact and supply as well as fast order quoting, sure execution control, and secure payment guarantees. We always strive for your 100% satisfaction.


Complete beauty retouch

Body, hair, dress, eyes, makeup, lips and skin retouching. Stylization. Background cleaning. RAW conversation, colour correction, effects, and full pre-press included. Glamour and fashion retouching may be done following your samples and requirements or at our creative discretion.


Custom-made images

Individual creative projects. In-depth face, body, and background manipulations. Complicated glamour retouch, styling, or photo-montage.


Fashion, model, and beauty retouching consists of many evident and hidden aspects. There are many ways to deliver a respectable photograph with smooth skin, but there are many more ways to deliver unnatural, damaged images. Have you ever noticed depersonalized lifeless models, artificially blurred and without any realistic pore or curve? This kind of skin retouching is never used by our retouchers. We always deliver beautiful, slender, built bodies with natural looking, silky, and healthy skin. We use only blurless skin smoothing techniques.


The best way to explain Advertising Production retouching is to elaborate on the various advertising photography disciplines that benefit from this are of expertise.


Commercial photography and retouching involves taking pictures for commercial use: for example in adverts, merchandising, and product placement. Commercial photography is also used in corporate brochures and leaflets, menus in cafés and restaurants, and similar commercial uses where photographs enhance a text. Commercial photography is used to promote or sell a product or service. There are a number of ways that photographs can be used to better market products and corporations.


Commercial photographs of product lines, or of individual products, can either focus upon the design of the product (for example the sleekness of a kettle, or the depth of carpet fibers), or upon the use of the product (for example, the functions on an iPhone, or playing games on the Wii). Product commercial photography reveals the detail and feel of a product to the customer, while advertising commercial photography is more likely to focus upon the status and attractions of the product.


Businesses may want to use commercial photography to promote themselves, or particular aspects of their work. There is a difference between commercial photography, which is often performed in a studio or isolated environment, and industrial photography, which often takes place on the site or factory floor.


Food Photographs and retouching

Food can be photographed to promote menus or for use in culinary sections of magazines: these shots can either focus upon the food, rather like catalogue shots of clothes, or they can take in the mood and feel of a venue. Food photography can be performed by those with knowledge of nature or still-life shots.


Fashion Photography and retouching

Fashion photography is probably the best known type of commercial advertising photography, as these types of photographs show up in advertisements as well as editorials in magazines. There are a range of styles and techniques in commercial fashion photography, from catalogue photographs which attempt to show the entire detail of clothing, to editorial shots, which attempt to use the clothes in unusual and dynamic ways.


All these high-end discipline need the highest and most experienced and professional retouching skills available, its not enough to just know Photoshop, but actual art and illustration skill is vitally important, allot of amateurs or badly trained individuals never accomplish these high levels as a result of only learning the software and not actually having any high end illustration orpainting skills, skills that we are proud to have at Vanilla Rain.


Catchy Commercial photos are the essence of advertising, the engine of business. Your customers must see your products to have the best advantage: undistorted, ideal, but true to life. Magnetic ads and product photos without professional retouching are unthinkable today in any industry segment.


The key to selling photographs is attractiveness achieved with an insensible improving retouch, maintaining photo integrity and liveliness. Jewellery, cars, real estate, and other items with the best retouching have the best sells.


Vanilla Rain specialises in detailed commercial photo retouch, pre-press, and Photoshop post production. We have years of experience retouching jewellery, real estate, cars, interiors, cover sets, and dozens of other products for ads, catalogues, and web. We remove blinks, dust, unlikely details and defects, accentuate texture, shape, and materials, merge photos, or completely rebuild and redraw photos.


This section is focused on product retouching and improving. You may also visit special sections for ad design or background removing and image masking


Jewellery Retouching

Complexity of such work varies from base dust cleaning and gem sharpening to in-depth shaping, polishing, colour correction, redrawing of blinks, reflections, and shadows. This is why the price varies for base and high-end jewellery retouching.


Product Retouching

Electronics, clothes, food, glass, metal and plastic items, furniture. Overall cleaning, improving and pre-press. Levelling of quality and company illustration style. Background removal and clipping path – in special section.


Real Estate Retouching

Any manipulations with architectural, landscape, and interior photos for ad and selling. Adding/removing small or big objects, merging images from base enhancing to overall rebuilding of image.


Car Retouching

We make both easy presell retouches and professional stunning projects for ads with top industry quality. The latter includes compete cleaning, polishing and correction, body polishing and improving. Addition of reflections, highlights, blinks. Creative retouching of any complexity. Background design for ads if needed (visit special section for details).


Request a Cost Estimate

We are pleased to offer discounts on huge orders and have a loyalty program for regular customers.


Providing one-time or regular product retouching services for a variety of companies, we are focused on quality results, our clients' comfort, and giving our clients an advantage. Experience Retouche's full blown web interface and individual management for corporate customers.


When you think about advertising photography retouching, you appreciate the product looking good and having a stunning advertising effect regardless of your industry. Vanilla Rain is experienced with a whole gamut of creative advertising design, pre-press, product, and beauty retouching.


The main application of ad Photoshop post processing is manipulation with objects, overall scene and production of impression, and positive brand vision. Excellent created effects and photo-montages with a clear, trendy style would stir anyone. We produces realistic, impressive images on par with the highest world standards based on your brand style or our fresh ideas. We are able to realize comprehensive concepts of ad prints and realize complex designs or photo-montage ideas.


We work both with ad agencies and directly with marketing departments or directors of small and big companies. Our work is based on a complete and deep interaction with clients.


This section deals with effects, design, and manipulation with ad photos including product image high end enhancing.


Large Advertising agencies aren’t the only ones who require perfect skin, shining eyes, and an impressive body for their model photographs. Everyone likes to see professional attractive portraits.


Portrait retouching has a wide range of consumers, we separated our portrait retouching services on complexity levels, answering to base private, advanced, and photographers’ needs.


High end retouching

Compromises are unacceptable when you need pictures for a portfolio, ad, beauty print, or any other commercial and creative purpose. This category of portrait editing is about studio shots made in good conditions with a professional camera.


Beauty retouching allows getting stylish, quality photographs with smooth, lifelike skin, an ideal body, and modified background. We apply our most intensive, but quality saving techniques of portrait editing. All modern tendencies of style, fashion, and photo design are available for you.


Retouch of amateur portrait

In this section you can learn in which ways amateur portraits from parties, holidays, or travel may be enhanced. We don’t stop on face, body, and blurless skin retouch, you may ask for any clothes or background manipulations, cropping, colour balance, contrast enhancing and so on.


We take any pictures taken by any digital camera in any condition, from teens, men, and women without any race, age, or figure limitations. Please note, if you have studio shots and want to pursue serious objects, you should let us consult you on professional beauty retouching and photography.


The goal of photo manipulation is to make a realistic image that is very different from any existing photo. We provide digital photo montage services dealing with things such as people, objects, background changing and object transformation with professional quality.


What are the applications of Photoshop manipulations? It is a way to enhance photos or to manipulate objects and facts to make images that cannot be created in real life. It allows us to change people's environments and locations, to add or remove objects, to enhance interiors and real estate, and even make new scenes without any traces of Photoshop manipulation.


The key to a successful photo-montage is detailed true-to-life realism achieved by an image manipulator. We always aim at totally imperceptible Photoshop manipulation by doing either a simple face and background changing or complex environment and object modification. You will be surprised with the naturalness and overall quality of the image that can deceive even the eyes of a professional.


To achieve the required result we always do a close study of each case about the possibility to make a realistic look through photo manipulation.


What is needed to make a photo manipulation, changing a background, or joining images? You have to request a quote attaching pictures to be modified or using attachment materials. Write as much details as possible about the main task and about the use of attached photo materials. Please, make a precise and minute description of your photo manipulation aim.


Please know the limits of photo manipulation. Sometimes, realistic images cannot be done because of quality, lighting, or angle discrepancies of pictures to be joined.


Damaged photographs are a trouble for everyone who cares about pleasant family memories. Professional old photo restoration presents them with a new long life to rejoice in your heart. Vanilla Rain provides photo restoration and colouring services with fine craftsmanship and assiduity.


Old photo restoration in Photoshop allows you to restore and clean everything that prevents the photograph from looking polished, fresh, and sharp. Digital restoring and old photo retouching makes it possible to remove stains, scratches, unlikely grain ruptures, and fog without traces. We are able to draw and restore lost pieces of photograph and overcome Vanilla Rains of light which are destructive to colour prints.


Realistic photo colouring (colourisation) of black and white images is another way of photo renewal and memory refreshing.


We work only with scans of old photos. The quality of home scanners is enough for digital restoring.

Follow these tips for high-quality scans:

clean the photograph surface before scanning

scan in RGB colour even if it is black and white

use 300 dpi or 600 dpi resolution setting

TIFF file format is preferred


Warning and limitations


We always attentively considers the possibility to restore photos satisfactorily. We always let you know beforehand if the photo restoring cannot grant perfect quality, and you have to understand and accept or reject these limitations of the old photo restoration service before we start working.


Low detailing and absence of legibility of faces (for example) can be improved by our retouchers drawing and with their artistic vision of appearances of people in portrait.


Digital Photo enhancement services imply retouching, restoration, colour, brightness, or contrast enhancement and noise reduction. This section includes all of them except retouching and old photo restoration


What are the reasons of valuable images looking bad? It can be mistakes of the photographer, camera particularity, or poor shooting conditions. All of that can cause contrast and colour defects or high noise.


If the photo itself doesn't satisfy you,let us with experience and calibrated professional monitors enhance them. Digital photo correction may be needed for business or private usage just in case if the photo cannot be taken again. We help you both with base photo correction such as noise removal and with complex image recovery with excellent quality.




Do you have an extremely bad image for enhancement? Please, note that some limits of digital photo enhancement exist. We cannot sharp extremely blurred photos and we cannot recover details on smoothed photos. We cannot enlarge small pictures (for indistinct faces recognition, for example). We cannot offer detail recovery in extremely dark or absolutely white sections..


This doesn't mean that you shouldn't send them for an estimate, but you should be informed that the abilities of photo enhancing have natural limitations and results.


How many times have you seen discoloured images taken in rooms with filament bulbs or underwater, old prints and images with unpleasant colours and incorrect white balance settings? Photos with Colour or exposure shifts don't seem to be suitable for professional or amateur use, but it can be overcome.


Colour correction is a major pre-press stage and is closely associated with making good looking prints and web albums. We provide pre-press, RAW conversion, and colour correction services of industry quality either separate or together with retouching.


Colour enhancement is demanded for successful printing and web publishing which includes temperature, skin tone adjustment, saturation, exposure, contrast and brightness correction, highlights and shadows balance control.


We correct colour balance troubleshooting, exposure and saturation adjustment, noise reduction. Preparation for printing or web publishing.


Professional colour correction

Detailed colour balance, skin tone, density and saturation adjustment, sharpening, and overall photo enhancement. Profile conversion and other needed manipulations.


RAW processing

Overall professional RAW conversion for any equipment. Pre-press, styling, covering mistakes and troubles.


How do you identify photographs that need colour correction? It's simple; they're the ones that have a bad colour sense. Particularly it can be discoloured just in highlights or shadows and if the image is over lighted or too dark, it can easily be corrected too.


Realistic Photoshop changing of a photo background allows you to dream up and realise new situations, conditions, and atmospheres of the image, yet to get a lifelike image, it is especially important to make this manipulation accurate, with no traces of Photoshop.


You may need to change image backgrounds in many cases of your everyday or professional life. Most of the impressive beauty in ad photos are produced by shooting objects or people with homogeneous backgrounds. Then laborious image background changing begins.


The same method is used to make amateur photos amazing and to change the meaning of the photo or produce new images of non-existent events (travels, for example). And again high requirements must be met to achieve really natural and unquestionable results. We know how to make the eye believe in modified images.


Having universal skills and critical views on photographs, we offer much more than simple cut and paste. We take into account and adapt everything: reflections, angles, treatment of light and shade, photo noise or grain structure, and many other noticeable and unnoticeable categories. The main goal of our manipulations is to make your photograph indistinguishable from the natural.



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Logo for Vanilla Rain a Design & Digital Advertising Agency
Logo for Vanilla Rain a Design & Digital Advertising Agency
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Logo for Vanilla Rain a Design & Digital Advertising Agency
Logo for Vanilla Rain a Design & Digital Advertising Agency
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Vanilla Rain Facebook page link Vanilla Rain Instagram account link Vanilla Rain YouTube Channel link Vanilla Rain Vimeo page link Vanilla Rain Linkedin page link